Bill & Kimmie's "Inner Circle"
"Your Passport to Cutting Edge Training, Tools, & Resources for Real Estate Investors"
You're Personally Invited to Join Our "Inner Circle"... Let's Work on Growing Your Wealth... Together!
Get exclusive, ongoing access to insider tips, training, and resources for developing or growing your real estate investing business and portfolio.
  • Get Guidance From Experienced Investors
  • Create More Cash Flow & Build Wealth Faster
  • Experience Financial Freedom
What is Bill & Kimmie's "Inner Circle"?
'Inner Circle' was created to help your business flourish by providing deep-dive, "how to" information on the highest-impact activities of a successful real estate investing enterprise, including:

*  Deal Finding
*  Raising Capital
*  Implementing Systems & Processes
*  Getting Your Psychology & Mindset Right

Here's What You Get in Our "Inner Circle":

 ➢ “Live” Monthly Coaching / Training Calls - These are "live", interactive virtual trainings with both Bill and Kimmie every single month.

 ➢ Premium Content - We have access to some of the best and brightest real estate entrepreneurs & investors in the world through our podcast, so we'll often do more in-depth interviews on a specialty or expertise of their's that we feel can significantly impact your business.

 ➢ Deep-Dive “How To” Videos - This is the platform where we get to pull back the curtain and show you not only "what" to do, but "how" to do it.  

Ex. We have a whole video series on legal documents.  We don't just describe them, but explain when you would use them,  how to fill them out, and even go through the entire agreement paragraph by paragraph so you have a clear understanding on how to properly use them.

 ➢ Resources To Help Grow Your Real Estate Investing Business and Portfolio 

➢ Other Surprises We Have in Store For You!

"Inner Circle" Was Created For Real Estate Entrepreneurs Who...

 ➢ Have been involved in at least 3 real estate transactions (as either a real estate professional or investor)...

 ➢ Have made a significant investment of time and/or money into books, courses, and trainings catering to real estate investors...

 ➢ Are ready to grow and scale...

 ➢ Are ready to implement systems and processes that give them a lot more FREEDOM.

Does any of the above describe you?

If so, you're invited to take a test drive of "Inner Circle" starting today!
Not Sure How to Improve or Grow Your 
Real Estate Investing Business?

Confused about which investing strategy is best for you?
 * How do you find great deals on a consistent basis?
* How do you get the money to fund all your deals?
* How do you implement the right systems and processes?
* How do you avoid costly mistakes?

Not having the right specialized knowledge and focus can sabotage your success...


Meet Bill Guting & Kimmie P...

Your Real Estate Investing Guides

What Others Are Saying About Our Educational Events and Training Programs...

              “... Net Profit of $25k – 
         With Zero  Dollars at Risk.”

 Within 3 days of working with Bill and his team, I found my first deal, tied it up, and went on to sell it just one week later for a net profit of $25k - with zero dollars at risk.

I'm absolutely convinced that finding the right mentor is the #1 key to success.  So if you ever get the chance to work with Bill and his team, I recommend you do whatever you can to take advantage.

It just might be the "missing link" you've been looking for, just like it was for me."

- Arron Navarro

             "On Target to Raising $2M..."

I now have a system in place, and a specific game plan on how to raise the capital that I need.  I currently have a few projects in the pipeline, and feel that I have all the right pieces in place to take advantage of many more deals.

... helps to increase my confidence level and allow me to think bigger.  My goal for the year is to raise $2M or more, which I have already done half of, so another $1M is absolutely possible!"

- Kathleen Nguyen

  “...There Were So Many Nuggets that I Could Apply to My Investing Business

It was an awesome event and all the speakers were impressive. You two were great facilitators. 

Besides the motivation, there were so many nuggets that I could apply to my investing business. 

Thank you for arranging this summit. I can tell you have put in so much to make it successful!

- Noelle Zhang

    “… Opened My Mind to Many Other Potential Opportunities as an Investor

I’m amazed at how much I learned and all the amazing people I met! 

 Lots of good discussions and Bill & Kim were spectacular hosts!

They helped reaffirm some of which I already knew but also opened my mind to many other potential opportunities as an investor. 

- Tony Chago

         "A Wealth of Knowledge and 
         Strategy Was on Full Display...”

Great Event! 

 Very informative and a wealth of knowledge and strategy was on full display during the course of the evening. 

It was very inspiring to learn in the company of so many experienced individuals. 

Looking forward to the next event!!!

- Aaron Shorter

    “Too Many Strategies to Mention…”

Thank you for doing all those great interviews with your guests! 

What stood out for me was the many creative ways that these guests / investors were & are still using to grow their business.  Too many strategies to mention but the one thing that I’m going to implement now is contacting / building relationships with other investors, realtors, sellers, guest speakers, etc.

Looking forward to more learning & investing.  Thanks again for all the work & fun (I actually laughed along with you on some of the videos) you had putting the summit together.

- Thao Mai 

Here's a Sneak Peek on What You Get as a Member of Our "Inner Circle"...
This is your personal invitation to test drive "Inner Circle" for 3 full months!

If you'd like to cancel before the 3-month trial period is over, all you have to do is go to the 'Support' tab in the members area, fill out the short form, and you'll never be charged... no hassles, no questions asked,, and you don't even have to speak or contact anyone! 

If you'd like to continue beyond the 3 months, you don't have to do anything as you'll automatically be billed at the special price of just $37 month ($97/month normally). 

You can also cancel your monthly membership at any time.  It's the same process ...  just go to the 'Support' tab in the members area, fill out the short form, and you'll stop being charged.  

We figure as long as you're getting massive value, you'll stick around.  The minute you don't feel like you're getting a whole lot more than your money's worth, we encourage you to leave.  You're in control!

So... are you ready to take your real estate investing business to a whole new level?
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